Author Jack Croxall’s Review

Jack CroxallAuthor Jack Croxall‘s Review                                                  Jul 10, 2013

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I’ve only read the odd couple of graphic novels before, but, having enjoyed them both very much, I was keen to give End’s Shadow Caste a go too.While very much open to interpretation, the story follows a feisty young heroine through a dystopian world ruled by superstition, all the while providing echoes and clues as to what happened to change it from what we know in our world.The drawings are excellent, with a rich pallet including subtle shades of blues, greens and greys that beckon you directly into the story without ever shoving it on your face. Movement is also portrayed exquisitely and there is a real sense of locomotion within and transition between the events shown in each scene. Another highlight is the way Doyle draws animals; they’re all textured so beautifully and the feathers and fur-coats almost feel multi-dimensional.Overall, a fantastically imaginative graphic novel which really encourages the reader to bring their own interpretations to the story.

See Jack Croxall’s “Tethers Trilogy”, a Young Adult Fiction set in Victorian England. I’ve been looking for a book like this since I was a teen. It’s a delightful read where the characters choose their path and deal with real consequences. Three dimensional and proactive, the characters stir up the action as they chase a mystery and defy the risks that surround it to save their friends and themselves. It’s sensitive and full of beauty all the while being a raucous adventure.


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