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There’s just over a week before my very first graphic novel workshop.  Today I compiled a list of the most informative sites, articles and PDF’s I’ve found so far.  I believe it’s always a great idea to open yourself up to as many opinions as possible when learning.  It’s important whether it be something new to you or expanding on what you already know.  There’s heaps of material here for beginners, to the well practised.

While cataloguing these pages there was something that I couldn’t help thinking about.  It’s crazy to me that comics have been around as long as they have without a comprehensive industry standard for scripting.  There are plenty of ways to do it, many of the major companies have the same requirements.  Some indie comic writers have scripts that resemble alphabet soup more than a script.  Some prefer a screenplay format.  Still more just make it up as they go along.  The variety is endless.

It’s a common opinion that this same freedom makes the medium look unprofessional, and devoid of a need for skill beyond the artwork.  This limitlessness in process is one of my favourite things about this medium.  I’m free to do as much or as little, whatever I need to do to accomplish my goals.  Of course that’s also the freedom of self directed work in general.  Be informed, check out the links below.

This is a list of various sites, blogs and pdf’s with a host of helpful tips.

How comic book writing differs from other forms:


On script formatting:



A PDF script guide for Dark Horse Comics:


This site has example scripts, and a blog of many topics, among a heap of other treasures:


On grammar, lettering and ballons:


The whole Articles section from Blambot is pretty great.


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